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The 2017 college football season will mark the beginning of David Bennett Galloway III's career as a multitalented athlete. He was a star on the high school football and track teams. When Galloway was a senior in high school, he was honored for his academic prowess and athletic abilities. He plans to pursue a career in collegiate football.

College Experience

Galloway will be a freshman for the 2022–2023 academic year, and he plans to play football for the Warhawks then.

Bennett was allowed to consider 2022 a Redshirt year because he played in four games this season. A Redshirt year in collegiate football is a year spent training and practising with the squad but not eligible for competition. For this reason, Bennett will be able to pay for all four years of his college career with the ULM football team, beginning with the 2023 season as a freshman.

After taking a well-deserved month off over the holidays and visiting family in Cabo San Lucas, Bennett returned to ULM on January 11 to begin the spring semester. The break was nice, but he's ready to work on his studies and prepare for the upcoming football season by engaging in winter routines like weightlifting and conditioning that are specific to the sport. The spring football season for the team will begin in March 2023 and last for around four weeks, leading to more intensive training for the start of the fall semester.

Bennett sees little difference between his time on the field and training in northeast Louisiana and his time in South Carolina. Both regions honour southern traditions and share comparable demographics. Additionally, he is now thoroughly adjusted to the humidity and is prepared to enjoy the heat of NELA.

When not playing football for ULM, he enjoys discovering all Northeast Louisiana has to offer, such as the region's many hiking trails, water sports, and restaurants in Monroe and West Monroe. Monroe's airport facilitates easy to travel back to Chapin for family visits.

Past Athletic Achievements

At Chapin High School in Chapin, South Carolina, David Bennett Galloway IIII participated in football from 2018 to 2021 and in track from 2021-22. It takes a long-term dedication to fitness to play two sports, given that each season is at opposite ends of the calendar. He attributes his success as a running back mainly to his time spent on the track, while the strength he developed playing football allowed him to overcome more obstacles during competition.

Profession and Education History

David Bennet Galloway III of Chapin was named the WACH 57 scholar-athlete of the week for his outstanding performance in both the classroom and on the field. To be eligible for this prize, candidates had to excel in school, extracurricular activities, and the area or track. Galloway finished high school at Chapin in the spring of 2022.

Proficiency in one's field and relevant work experience

Galloway learnt the virtue of persistence at an early age as he worked his way up the levels of football to play at the collegiate level.

He was training hard and building endurance for extended football games, demanding total commitment. He takes the training and competition seriously, follows a strict strength training routine, drills for speed, and watches his diet to ensure peak performance. He needs to be quick, agile and coordinated to succeed as a running back. A running back must change direction, maintain concentration, leap forward, and power through to reach the end zone.

Galloway's capacity to persevere through adversity and remain authentic while contributing to a broader team was also honed by his participation in sports. Sporting teams require members to work together toward a common objective and accept instructions without grumbling. Yet, each individual must be free to make split-second judgment calls in battle. By practising these techniques, he gained confidence in his ability to make tough choices under duress.

It is helpful to develop these skills early to succeed in college and professional sports, as well as other fields.

Giving to charity and other acts of philanthropy

David Bennett Galloway III is active in his community, having volunteered his time on his own, with his football team, and with his friends and family.

He spent some of his free time helping at Generations of Chapin, an assisted living facility serving the elderly in the Chapin area. During the colder months, he went carolling and celebrated Christmas with the Lowman family in Ballentine. The Heritage at Lowman is a charitable organization that serves the elderly by providing them with a safe and welcoming environment. For Galloway, the highlight of 2020-21 was the Senior Citizens Global Eagle Evening.

He was also a dedicated member of the Screaming Eagles Special Needs Athletics' volunteer team. The mission of Screaming Eagles is to assist schools and universities in embracing diversity by creating inclusive athletic settings and programs for athletes with special needs. A genuine sense of community and understanding is fostered when local sports teams and volunteers interact with the players. The events are an excellent way for the volunteers to meet other people interested in sports and for many Chapin athletes, like David Bennet Galloway III, to make new friends.

Successes and Accomplishments

Throughout high school, Galloway participated in athletics and a wide range of volunteer and non-sports extracurricular activities. For him, being a part of student government was a highlight of his academic career year after year.


An honour that David Bennett Galloway III earned during his time at Chapin was the High School Sports Award for football in the year 2020. He received the Offensive Player of the Year award and was frequently nominated for Player of the Week and Scholar-Athlete of the Week by his local newspaper.

He earned all-state and all-region honours in football in 2020 and was named a WACH 57 Player of the Game. In 2021, he was the Jamboree Player of the Game and made the all-region track team.


At the school's 200-meter dash, Galloway ran a new record time.

Hobbies and Interests

Bennett, who hopes to have a career in college athletics, avidly follows college and professional football. Like his work with Screaming Eagles Special Need Athletics, he is committed to including people with special needs in sports.

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